12 Short Plays for the Language Classroom

12 Short Plays for the Language Classroom & Beyond was written in 2020 and published in Tokyo in 2021. This book is a collection of plays for language learners with 12 short and amusing plays set in familiar situations. The first play is set at a wedding ceremony, where two guests – a man and a woman – start up a conversation and soon realize they have something in common. The following PDF contains a copy of it.

After each of the plays, there is a selection of extension activities including comprehension questions, true or false statements, language focus activities, role-play scenarios and discussion questions. Students can test their understanding of the play and explore the language, themes and ideas within it. This PDF contains the extension activities which follow the first play, The Wedding.

Students will absolutely love these plays!!!
Two guests discover they have something in common at a wedding.
A young couple view a brand-new property with the latest home technology.
Two candidates are interviewed for posts at a hospital.
A headmaster is furious someone has vandalized his car.
An anxious passenger gets a huge shock onboard an airplane.
A customer sits opposite a familiar face in a busy café.
Two removal men get more than they bargained for on the job.
A couple get an unexpected surprise as they queue to see a movie.
A teacher leads three novice students through the opening scene of Macbeth.
Two contestants compete for first prize in a televised cooking contest.
A boy and girl harbor secrets from each other in a classroom after school hours.
A teenager visits a trendy clothing store to exchange a sweater.

This book was originally written for high school and university students in Japan. However, it is for anyone who loves reading short plays. For readers outside of Japan, it is suitable for ages 11+. Since the plays are short – 3 to 5 pages long – it is perfect for theatre groups, teachers interested in using plays in the classroom, young readers, and parents with kids who want to try something new and have a giggle!

  • English Type: British
  • CEFR: B1-B2
  • Age: 16+
  • Number of units: 12
  • Hours to each unit: 1-2
  • Hours to each book: 24-30
  • Page Count: 100
  • ¥2,250 incl shipping within Japan.
    For shipping overseas please request a quote via the contact page.

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Kindle: ¥900
Paperback: ¥2,200

Here is a quick introduction to the book.

“Say hello to my little book! I only wish I had this when I was growing up!”

— Al Pacino