12 Short Skits for the Culture Classroom

“Marvellous…Fabulous…Unrivalled…a knockout hit…one-of-a-kind.”

This collection contains 12 short skits for language, drama and culture students. Each chapter touches upon a different aspect of British culture, including language, literature, art, education, sport, entertainment, history, events, food, shopping and the monarchy. Numerous extension activities are intended to engage students and enrich their speaking, communication and writing skills. Aimed at intermediate level students and above, this book is a great way to boost knowledge, enjoyment and communication.

Here’s a look at the skits:
A beginner learner seeks English lessons.
A couple strolls across one of London’s famous bridges.
A thief snatches portraits from a leading art gallery.
The cast of Cinderella has a crisis on its hands.
A top football club reveal its latest signing.
Two couples experience the joy of afternoon tea.
Travellers visit a famous London store.
A young playwright seeks a life in the theatre.
Newlyweds plan an unusual honeymoon.
Britain seeks to expand its empire.
The Queen has a secret in her handbag.
A rocket is determined to light up the night sky.

Here is a peak inside:

This book was originally written for high school and university students in Japan. However, it is for anyone who loves reading short plays and British culture. For readers outside of Japan, it is suitable for ages 9+. Since the plays are short – 3 to 5 pages long – it is perfect for drama groups, anyone interested in reading plays or using them in the classroom, young readers, and parents with kids who want to try something new!

  • English Type: British
  • CEFR: B1-B2
  • Age: 16+
  • Number of units: 12
  • Hours to each unit: 1-2
  • Hours to each book: 24-30
  • Page Count: 100
  • ¥2,250 incl shipping within Japan.
    For shipping overseas please request a quote via the contact page.

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Kindle: ¥950
Paperback: ¥2,200

“This would be great for the little ones.”

— The Queen