130 Drama Games for the Language Classroom

This is a reference book for teachers, drama workshop leaders, primary school and secondary school teachers, or anyone interested in enlivening a class or rehearsal room. It contains such a wide range of games that it could be a source of amusement for families and friends! Take a look at the first 10 games in chapter one.

The 14 chapters of this book with their aims are as follows:
・Getting To Know You! – introduce yourself and learn more about others.
・Word & Pronunciation Games – improve pronunciation and build vocabulary.
・Circle Games – break the ice and remove barriers.
・Interrogation Games – use questioning to learn more about others.
・Guessing Games – solve problems and enhance competition.
・Physical Games – energize the body and sharpen listening skills.
・Self-exploration – explore your body and its potential.
・Number Games – enhance levels of concentration and competition.
・Speech & Debate Games – activate critical-thinking and speech-making skills.
・Sing! – warm up voice and body through song.
・Poetry & Text – broaden comprehension and confidence through text work.
・Working Together – create and share stories and skits with others.
・Role-play & Improv – be creative, spontaneous, and alive in the moment.
・Styles of Performance – explore different ways of presenting work.

  • English Type: British
  • CEFR: B1-B2
  • Age: 16+
  • Number of units: 14
  • Hours to each unit: 1-2
  • Hours to each book: 24-30
  • Page Count: 100
  • ¥2,250 incl shipping within Japan.
    For shipping overseas please request a quote via the contact page.

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“This book has saved my skin on more than one occasion – highly recommended!”

— Boris Johnson