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Hi everyone, my name is Chris, and I’m from London, but over the last 18 years I have been living and working in Tokyo teaching English and drama to a variety of ages and levels of students. I have taught elementary, junior, senior and university level and I have run several workshops for students and adults. What I have learned from this experience is that students want to use English in an active, creative and productive way. This website to documents some of my work and provides teachers with ideas for their own classrooms.

Please take a look at the ideas and activities on this site. The ‘Games’ sections contains games, old and new, for you to enjoy using in your classroom, and the ‘Beyond’ section contains ideas reflections on theatre and education in Japan and elsewhere. Pop in when you get a moment and check out any updates!

Tongue Twisters

A great vocal warm up to start any class.. Have the students try saying some of these wacky phrases repeatedly at top speed. Then, test them to see if they can reach the top level – yes, that’s Level 10! Energise, excite and enunciate!

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Einstein’s Game

Do you think you are smart enough to solve one of Einstein’s puzzles. Try your hand at this classic! See if you can work out who lives where, and eventually figure out who keeps the pet. This activity will have you banging your fist on your head, and you won’t want to stop until you know the answer! Tremendous fun!

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Nasa Game

You are an astronaut who is stuck on the moon. Your spacecraft has broken down and you need to return to safety. How will you do this? There are some items onboard spaceship to help you. You must prioritise these items for any chance of survival. A great discussion activity in small groups!

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Super Spy

Save the captive princess from the hands of the evil witch! Release the new born child from the grip of the fiery dragon! Beat the gang-lord thugs and stop your father losing his little finger! As a super spy, tell the story of how you saved the victim from the wicked clutch of terror. A great impromptu and competitive speech activity!

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